Hello guys, what is up? It is RockyEco-pup with my first ever PAW Patrol fanon story. Try not to be too critical with it. I will try to make my grammar as clear as possible. This story is going to star all the original 6 pups with Ryder and Katie plus a new pup. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Just to be perfectly honest I don't think I will ever finish this story at all considering I haven't been wanting to finish it but I may work on new things rather than this, but you can find me on the PAW Patrol Wiki most of the time rather than this one.


Rocky: Come on Zuma! We'll never make it to the Lookout at this rate!

Zuma: Coming 'Wocky'! I'll be thewe in a minute!

Rocky: Well hurry. I've heard Ryder is having a Pup Pup Boogie Championship, and I don't want to miss it!

  • Zuma speeds up to Rocky to talk with him.

Zuma: I don't ever remembew you getting into that game.

Rocky: Well I guess that I have finally gotten to like it.

  • The two speed over to the Lookout to find that the pups are already there.

Rocky and Zuma: Hey Ryder/Wyder! We're finally here.

Ryder: Great! You guys are just in time, Skye and Marshall have already started.

  • The Pup Pup Boogie Theme begins to play, along with Skye and Marshall dancing to it. They both have a fierce dance battle, with Skye getting every move correct, and Marshall missing one after his perfected tail-spin.

Marshall: Aww Man! I was working hard on that tail spin!

Ryder: Skye advances in the championship! Up next is Chase and Rocky!

  • Chase starts it off with getting nearly every move right, while Rocky has perfected the first few moves. Rocky takes it away as he misses only one move while Chase has missed 2.

Ryder: Rocky also advances in the championship! Zuma and Rubble are up next!

  • Rubble goes all out on this round,but his lack of practice eventually gets the best of him as the round is taken from him by Zuma.

Zuma: Huh, guess I was better at this game than I thought!

Ryder: Zuma advances in the championship as well!

Ryder: Now it is head to head between Rocky and Zuma!

Rocky (thinking): I think this competition is in the bag!

  • As soon as the two pups start off its a long and hard battle. Rocky missteps and misses one that Zuma is able to get.

Zuma: Yeah! I won!

Rocky: Congratulations Zuma!

Zuma: Thanks 'Wocky'

Ryder: Then Zuma advances to the Championship! Up next is the battle for the title of best Pup Pup Boogie pup ever!

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