(Marshall is on the title card in front of a purple background)

Marshall: Pup Pup Present!

(In Adventure Bay, at Katies grooming shop)

(Katie is brushing Zuma) (Rubble and Marshall are in the baths)

Katie: Done! How's it look?

(She holds a mirror in front of Zuma) 

Zuma: Wow! My furs so soft!

Marshall: Looking good Rubble!

(Rubble has bubbles on his head)

Rubble: Thanks dude!

Marshall: Check this out! 

(He dives under water) (He comes back up with a bubble beard)

Both: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Zuma: Hehe!

Katie: *giggles*

Beep beep beep!

Ryders Voice: Paw Patrol, to the lookout!

All pups: Ryder needs us!

(Zuma hops down and starts to walk to the door) (Marshall and Rubble jump out and start running, they crash into Zuma)

Zuma: My furs a bubbly mess!

Rubble and Marshall: Hahaha!

(They leave)

(Spins to a new scene)

(Katie is cleaning out a bathtub)

(The delivery man comes in)

Delivery Man: Package!

Katie: Thank you! 

(The man leaves)

Katie: What do you think it is Callie.

Callie: Meow?

(She jumps on the box) (The box shakes) (Callie jumps back in surprise)

Katie: Well, it's no shampoo. I-I better look.

(She finds a note on top) 

Dear Katie,

            Please expect this very precious gift. It's a very special gift, as you are to me.

                                    Your secret admirer. <3

Katie: Huh. It doesn't come from Adventure Bay, *sigh* not Ryder. Probably just an old customer.

(She opens the box, a golden retriever pops out)

Puppy: Freedom! (She streaches) 

Katie: Your covered in mud! 

Puppy: I know! It's it great!

(Katie picks her up)

Katie: Your in the right place.

(She puts her in the tub)

Puppy: Ooooh!

(She starts splashing)

Katie: *giggles*

Callie: Meow?

Puppy: AAAAAAHHHHH! A CAT!!!!!!!

(She jumps out of the bath and gets mud and water everywhere as she runs around the room)

Katie: No! No!

(The dog rushes outside, leaving a mess)

Katie: Oh dear......

(She grabs a mop and starts cleaning the floor)

(Spins to a new scene)


(The puppy is laying down on the porch)

(Katie comes outside)

Katie: You made quite a mess.

Puppy: I'm sorry.

Katie: You never told me your name.

Puppy: It's Marygold.

Katie: You have a beautiful name, maybe a bath will make you shine even more.

Marygold: But can you first get rid of the C-C cat?

Katie: I can't get rid of Callie.

(Marygold gets up and starts walking away)

Marygold: No, it's okay.

Kallie: I-

Marygold: I'll go now.

Katie: P-

Marygold: I just hope my owner doesn't beat me for not being good enough.

Katie: N-

Marygold: *whimper*

Katie: I guess, I can...... keep Callie in the back.

Marygold: Really?! Thank you so much!

(Katie picks her up) (She licks Katie)

Katie: Hehehe! Good girl.


Katie: Come on Callie!

(Callie follows her to the clinic room) (Inside is all her toys, and her bed)

Katie: You stay here while I'm working. And after, Marygold stays here.

(She closes the door)



Katie: I've got to pick up some more towels. Stay here and don't get into trouble.

(She leaves)

Marygold: The shampoo looks delicious!

(She pours it out and almost eats it when........)

(Rocky enters)

Rocky: Katie? Ryder sent me here for my b-bath........

Marygold: Katies not here, something about getting towels.

Rocky: Hi! I'm Rocky!

Marygold: I'm Marygold, I'm Katies new service pup.

Rocky: Really!? Well that's cool.

(A boy and his dog come in)

Marygold: CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE CLOSED!!!!!!?????

(They run outside)

Rocky: What was that!?

Marygold: I don't know what to do.

Rocky: Be up for business!

Marygold: Okay.....

(A poodle enters, she looks around)

Marygold: Are you gonna get groomed or stand there waiting my time?

Poodle: *gasp* I'm insulted!

(She struts outside)

Rocky: No! No! No! Be friendly.

(A westie comes in)

Marygold: I love you!

(He starts shaking and runs outside)

Rocky: *faceplam*

Katie: Hi Rocky! You need anything?

Rocky: *sigh* .............. Nope!

Marygold: I thought you needed a bath.

Rocky: Marygold!

Katie: Ill get it ready.

Marygold: No need to thank me.

Rocky: Thank you!?

Marygold: Your welcome.

Rocky: Grrrrrrrrr!

(At the lookout)

Skye: Rocky your back!

Rocky: Yeah. Katie got a new pup. Or pain.

Honey: How bad could she be?


Ryders voice: Paw Patrol to the lookout!

All: Ryder needs us!

(In the elevator they all line up)

Chase: Isnt something missing?

Ocean: *gasp* Marshall! You didn't crash!

Marshall: Hooray!

(As they go up the elevator he falls over)

Marshall: Spoke too soon.....

(At the top)

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Ok pups, there's something in Katies vent. It's making a lot of noise.

(He slides to Skyes symbol)

Ryder: Skye! You're the only pup who can fit in there.

Skye: This pups gotta fly! (Back flips)

(He slides to Rockys symbol)

Ryder: Rocky! We may need your recyclings to get through the vent.

Rocky: Dont lose it, re-use it!

Ryder: Paw Patrol is on a roll!

(Slide scene and truck scene)

(At Katies)

Katie: Ryder! Thank goodness!

Ryder: Okay Rocky, take it from here!

Rocky: Screw driver! *ruff*

(He screw driver comes out)

(He unscrews the cover)

Rocky: All set!

Skye: Ready!

(She climbs in it)

Skye: Hello? Hello?

????????: Who's there! 

Skye: I'm Skye! See the light?

????????: Yeah. Am I dead?

Skye: *laughs* No! It's the way out!


(It trampled Skye)

Skye: Wait!

(Skye climbs out, followed by..........)


Marygold: What's up?

Katie: THATS IT! (She sits down and covers her face)

Ryder: Katie?

Katie: I can't take it! She's driving me crazy! She made me lock away Callie, she makes messes, she drove away my customers!

Marygold: *whimper* Listen, this won't work. I need a friend, I need no cats, I need to be accepted.

Rocky: You just described us perfectly!

All: Huh?

Rocky: She can join the Paw Patrol!

Ryder: Does she have a talent?

Rocky: It doesn't matter! We can accept her!

Skye: Yeah!

Ryder: Uh...... I guess.

Marygold: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

(She hugs Ryders leg)

Ryder: Hehe.

(At the lookout)

(Marygold is sitting on a pillow)

Skit: Welcome!

Skye: You'll be great here!

Marshall: This is awesome!

Marygold: Thanks guys, I promise I'll clean up my act.

Honey: You'll be trained!

Marygold: Great.

(That night)

(Marygold is lying awake)

(Chase walks up to her)

Chase: You look cold.

Marygold: I'm fine, I'm just worried I'll mess up.

Chase: You'll be fine here. And you have a talent.

Marygold: What?

Chase: You'll find it.


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