The team wants to defend their dodgeball championship title, but when Chase realizes Crystal is there, he goes nuts.


The episode opens in Mr. Porters van.

Ryder: Thanks for giving us a ride, Mr. Porter.

Mr. Porter: Hey, we're going, so we should give you a ride!

Skye: Where Exactly are we going, Chase?

Chase: The Pup-tastic Community Dodgeball Championship

Skye: Woah!!

They arrive at the championship.

The pups play in 42 games and win every single one.

Ryder: In the final game, were playing The Thunderstriker Sectuplets.

Chase: Darn it!

Referee: Ok teams, if the other team catches your ball, your hit, or you cross the foul line, your out! Ready, Set,

Zuma: Get wet!

Referee: (chuckles). DODGEBALL!

The game begins, and every player except for Chase and Crystal are out of the game. Whenever one player attacks, the other player dodges.

Then, Chase, Skye and Crystal dissapear.

Chase: What, why in the heck am i tied up!

Skye: Yeah, what's going on?!

Crystal: Huh?!

Unknown Person: (laughing)

Chase: Who are you?

Daniel: I'm Daniel.

Chase: Were you the one who tied us up?!

Daniel:Yes.But, your tied up because you and Crystal are at an Infinite Standoff. You see, it's simple, you can only reach a standoff when you can't hit the one you love because of your history.

Skye: CHASE!!

Chase: I don't care.Ah!! When I get out of here, your ass is getting tased!!

Daniel: Let's have a replay of your history.

Flashback 1: Choco-late( laughing)


Chase: Oh, yeah.

Flashback 3: Crystal:Well then your gonna like this. Chase: Huh? ( Crystal kisses Chase)

Chase:(thinks) Ah, that was bad!

Chase: Look dude, all this mushy stuff is complicated, with Skye and Crystal at the same time, it's overwhelming.

Crystal: I agree

Chase; Dude look, if you let us go, i promise we'll attack.

Daniel: Fine you may resume.

As they reappeared,Chase hit Crystal.

Referee: (whistles) The Thunderbolt Pups win!!!

The pups then pack their things and go home.

'THE END. =)=)=)=)'

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