This episode opens with the pups at the pup park playing.

Ryder: Pups, time to get the treats!

Rubble: Ooh! treats!

Chase: I want to stay!

Ryder: OK. just call if something goes wrong.

Chase: OK.

Everyone except Princess and Chase leave to go get treats.

Chase:Princess, do you want to play tag?

Princess: I would be delighted!

They play for 45 minutes. 

Then, when Chase is running, he trips on a twig molded from goo to the sidewalk.

At 1;00, the other pups return with treats, to the Pup Park.

Chase: Watch out, Princess!!

Princess couldn't move before Chase's lips and hers connected.

When Zuma saw this, he literally went berzerk all over Chase.

Raymond and Zuma: WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!

Skye: I thought you liked me!

Zuma: She was mine! And you stole her!!

Chase: It was an accident!

Zuma: YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

Princess: Actually Zuma, it was indeed a mishap.


Ryder: Chase, What happened?

Chase: We were playing tag, and i was it. I tripped on a stick when i was running, Princess stopped, my mouth was open from talking, so then our lips touched, and you guys pulled up.

Ryder: Oh, OK.

Ryder: Pups, that kiss was accidental. So, you guys need to apoligize to Chase and Princess.

Everyone except Zuma: Sorry.

Zuma: I'm so sorry you guys.

Ryder: Alright, since this is cleared, let's play!

Everyone: YEAH!!

Then, after playing the pups went home.


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