Hi everypup! This is Marshallpp and Flamingpup! also known as FlamingMarshall! If you see "by FlamingMarshall" on a story, you will know it is us together. This is our story Pup-Crushies, where Marshall gets into a love mix! Read on to find out! (Unlike most stories this will not be in parts, this is a whole, but it will be updated in parts nearly everyday.)

This is a Marshall story.

(Titlecard) Rocky: Pup-Crushies!

  • Ryder throws a pup ball

Marshall: Ball! Ball! Ball! *chases the ball into a clump of bushes by a small wood*

Rubble: Hey Ryder! *tummy rumble* I'm STARVING! 

Ryder: Let's go and get some lunch, pups.

All pups (Sans Marshall): Arf Ra-rarf! Arf!

  • They walk up to the lookout
  • Meanwhile, Marshall emerges into the wood on the other side of the bushes (still with the ball in mouth)

Marshall: I'b god de baw Wyder *very muffled* Wyder?

  • Scene changer: Marshall's badge

(At the lookout)

  • Ryder is counting the pups while they eat

1,2,3,4,5. FIVE? 

Ryder: Is he in his Pup house? No. Fire truck? No. Observatory? No. MAAAAAARRRRRRSHHALL?! (No answer) This is a job for the PAW patrol! *slides out signal button and presses it* PAW patrol, to the Lookout!

All pups (less Marshall): Ryders calling! *run to the elevator* 

Chase: Hey! Where's Marshall!?

  • 2 minutes later; still no wipe out

Chase: OK, let's go...

  • Elevator scene

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Thanks for joining me pups! You may all have noticed Marshall is not here.

Zuma: Yeah, he didn't come to the elevator...

Ryder: *slides his Pup-pad to Chase's badge* Chase; We need your super sniffing skills to help find Marshall!

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: *slides his Pup-pad to Skye's badge* Skye; We need you to help search for Marshall from the sky!

Skye: Yippe! This pup's gotta fly! *backflips*

Ryder: Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, we might need you later. Stand by just in case.

Rocky: Arf! Will do Ryder!

Ryder: Alright! PAW patrol is on a roll!

(Truck scene)

  • Chase pulls up by Farmer Yumi's

Chase: Hmmm... He was here yesterday, I remember Marshall lost his ball here. If I could find it I could get Marshall's scent.

Farmer Yumi: What are you doing here Chase?

Chase: Marshall is missing! He lost his ball here yesterday, it's sure to have his scent on it...

Farmer Yumi: *holds up a red ball* you mean this?

Chase: That's it! Thanks Farmer Yumi!

(Chase sniffs the ball)

Chase: Hmmmm... ACHOOO! Oh yeah, Marshall spends time with a lot of birds.....  He went ACHOO! This way!

(Chase walks down hill street)

Chase: ACHOO! 

(Chase walks into the wood)

Chase: ACHOOO! ACHOO! He's near! Maaaaarsshalll?

Marshall: Chase? I-Is that you!?

Chase: *gasp* Marshall! Where have you been! ACHOOOOO!!! 

(The sneeze blows him into Marshall)

Chase: hahahahaha

Marshall: Oof! I'm good! You see Chase…… *flashback*

Marshall was taking a walk, he suddenly saw a ball glide past.

Marshall: Ball Ball! 

Marshall dives into a bush, when he emerges he is dizzy. 

Marshall: Wooah!

He trips over a stone and tumbles into the wood

  • end of flashback*

Marshall: And then I got lost! My collar must have came off somewhere...

Chase: That's horrible! Come on Marshall, let's get you home! Ruff!*His Pup-tag glows* Ryder! Can you hear me? (Ryder is seen on his ATV somewhere by the beach.)

Ryder: How's the search coming Chase?

Chase: Ryder, I found Marshall. He was lost in the wood.

Ryder: Oh great! We thought he had fallen in the bay or something! Meet back at the lookout, ok? 

Chase: Chase is on the case, Ryder sir.

Ryder: I'll tell the other pups we found Marshall.

Chase: One problem; he lost his collar and Pup-tag!

Ryder: I'll get Rocky to get a collar, then I'll create the Pup-tag. Just get Marshall to the lookout as soon as possible.

Chase: I'm on it!

(Signals out. They start towards the lookout)

Marshall: Thanks for coming Chase

Chase: It was no- ACHOO problem

Marshall: Oh yeah, I got ambushed by a bunch of birds in the woods. Hehe sorry

Scene changer: Chase badge. 

(Back at the lookout)

Skye: Marshall! Where have you been? We were all SO worried!

(She hugs him nearly squeezing him to death) (not literally though)


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