These pups are created and owned by SistersShiraandSkye, Marshall'sFiredUp, and Confetti the Party Pup (aka Koho)

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Description: Edit

Feather - he is mostly a light cream/tan color with a black circle around his left eye and dark golden socks on his back paws

Jaxx: he is mostly a yellow lab with brown ascents on his folded ears, and chest. He has blue ascents on his tail tip an circles around his eyes. He has a medium sized tail. Jaxx has Aqua eyes. He wears a canary yellow collar.

Dandelion: She is mostly like a golden retriever but with a bit of a darker fur coat then a normal golden retriever. She has pointed ears. She has a long sized tail. She has light green eyes. She wears a light green collar to match her eyes.

Personality: Edit

Feather -

Jaxx: Jaxx is an adventurous pup. He loves to explore. If there's a place no one has seen or been to before his curiosity reaches its peak. He is also very playful and loves to hangout with his friends and family. He is protective of his family and friends too. Jaxx hates to see anyone hurt or upset and will do his best to help in any way he can.


Trivia: Edit

  • Dandelion got her name a little bit after she was born because Freya and Trenton didn't know what to name her but when they saw her playing with Dandelion's, they decided to name her Dandelion after the flower Dandelion

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