Ptero is a male Chihuahua/German Shepherd mix. He is the brother of Barley and cousin of Bandit. He is owned by SmokythePolicePup and was adopted from Aurychase.

Ptero----drawn by Aurychase


A few weeks before his dad (a German Shepherd) met Barley's mom, he had a brief relationship with a chihuahua. When he met and fell in love with Barley's mom, he left the chihuahua heartbroken. A few months later, the chihuahua told him of her pregnancy. Shocked, he was unsure of what to do before deciding to support her during the pregnancy with help from Barley's mom. A few months later, the chihuahua gives birth to a single male pup. The three of them agreed on the name Ptero because it sounded different. Ptero split time between both families eventually playing with Barley when he was born.

Then, one day it was time for adoption. A grumpy old man adopted Barley and a five year old girl adopted Ptero. Ptero loves playing with the girl and is always there when she needs him.

He eventually gets enrolled in the Adventure Bay Pup Academy where he is included in the Junior section.


Ptero is a Chihuahua/German Shepherd mix who has light brown fur all over his body but has a dark brown muzzle, chest, underbelly, and socks on his hind paws. He also has blackish fur on the backside of his ears, his back, the backside of his tail and has black socks on his two front paws. He has sky-blue eyes and a light blue collar.


Ptero is a fun-loving pup. Being raised by a little girl taught him anything can be fun, even a girly game. He love to walk the girl to school and loves to chase squirrels when he's in his backyard. He is very protective over the family that adopted him and would die just to keep them safe.


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  • He was adopted from Aurychase.
  • He is overprotective of his family.
  • He loves his brother Barley and cousin Bandit to death and loves to hang out with them both.
  • He is a Junior student at the Adventure Bay Pup Academy.
  • His best friend is York (Got permission from Fuzzy)


Ptero has a huge crush on a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup named Nevada. He loves her laid-back nature and loves just spending time with her. They met when they both joined the Adventure Bay Pup Academy.

In the Crack-Ship Universe, he has a crush on a pup named Dare.


  • Unnamed Mom
  • Unnamed Dad
  • Unnamed Step-Mom
  • Barley - Half Brother
  • Bandit - Cousin
  • Maple - Cousin
  • Destiny - Aunt
  • Destiny - Second Cousin


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