Prisma was desighned for me by pipthepuplover in a desighn trade. She is a Muralist pup and named after Prismacolor markers.

Apperance Edit

She is completely white with a short tail and perked ears. She dyes her tail blue, purple and green. She also wears a rainbow collar and has pink and blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Prisma is a very creative and think outside of the box kinda pup. She likes to take chances and do something different instead of the 'normal' thing you ecpect pups to do.

Bio Edit


Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • Large Paintbrushes
  • Spray Paints
  • Outlining Sharpies

Catchprases Edit

  • "Lets think outside the box" (credit to Vixie)

Vehicle Edit

She drives a Van with a large tarp in the back along with paint buckets and mixing buckets. It also has a large basket that she can ride up if she wants to get higher up onto the wall so she can paint more.

Random Edit

  • She is a huge fan of Pop music

Crush Edit

Stories Edit

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