Priscilla is made by FunnyPup101  (me)


Short hair Pomeranian 
 Her whole body is brown,
 Though her tuft of fur 
 On her head is dark brown
 And her tail and muzzle
 Is dark brown.


 Pup tag has hot pink out lines,
 Aqua background,and a hot 
 Pink medical cross.


 Hot pink shirt with aqua chest
 Aqua belt with baby blue clip,
 Aqua socks,aqua nurse cap with 
Hot pink cross,baby blue pup pack
With aqua pouch on top, and hot
Pink pocket and an aqua and hot 
Pink peewee bow.


Priscilla has dark pink eyes,

And hot pink eye liner. She

Has a pinkish- red nose.


Her best friend is Stella 
(One of my pups)
Though she loves to make newer friends and play with everyone else.

Likes:helping people, eating steak, making new friends and learning

Dislikes: mean people and mean pups, bad wounds and cuts, and hitting

                             Next: Cedar the Woodcutter Pup

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