Bio (edit) I tried to make it. :)


This is basically Sophie as a pup princess. I saw a picture of royal paw patrol on denvart, and had to make this.


This is not the normal Sophie. She is still a golden retriever, but with a big blue ball gown. Her dress has 3 glittery medium blue layers that shimmer in the sun. It has a dark blue ribbon with a big diamond in the middle around her waist. As for the top, it is the same blue as the gown is but it is basically a thick strap tank top. It has a dark blue outline on the top with 3 rows of diamonds. And for the crown, it is made of silver and made up of silver lining. It has multi colored jewels in it. As you can see, I'm working on details. :)


Sophie is still a goof ball, but since rules are tight, she has to be sneaky about it. She will sit and behave in a way you couldn't believe. But once she's alone with her fellow pup princess and princesses, she is all Sophie.

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