Pretzel is a first generation pup that belongs to Tundrathesnowpup


Pretzel is a very fluffy Goberian- a Siberian husky Golden retriever mix. She's more fluffy like a husky, not as long haired, but more poofy-like. Her fur is a soft golden hue, with darker fur around her face and top of her tail. Her muzzle, belly, paws, and under-tail are white. She has heterochromia, one brown eye and one blue eye, and has one perked, one floppy ear. her tail curls very slightly. She wears a cobalt blue collar with a golden buckle and light blue polka-dots all over. Her badge has a lavender background with a snowboard flying down a slope


Happy and go-lucky, Pretzel is always eager to please and to get her job done right. Being a very curious little girl, she tends to sometimes wander off in thought and has a bit of a short attention span at times- but when she's focused, she wants to do things right. She has a huge heart, but can be very snappy and snippy when it comes to people pushing her buttons. She's more of a tomboy, not really caring for baths and getting groomed, but will do so if truly needed. When it comes to little pups or elderly dogs, she is very patient and caring, unless they say something that ticks her off. As a teenager, she becomes a bit of a flirtacious pup, and more mischievous at times. She does still love helping out any chance she gets, but she's still a bit unfocused


  • She's the trainee of Frankie and she looks up highly to him- even so much to have a bit of a crush on him. She knows that he's dating Olympia and is a bit disheartened by it
  • She was named after a snowboarding trick "Pretzel: Concluding a slide trick with a 270° spin opposite the direction in which you did a rotation during the trick's initiation."
  • She lives in Snowport with Sam and the SNOW Patrol
  • Her sister Moscow is also training in the SNOW Patrol, under Daniel, She is very close to her sister and loves her to bits. 
  • She's very close friends with Libby- her right paw pal~ She loves to talk (and sometimes gossip) with her. A few other close friends of hers are Juno and Krapfen
  • She and Juno start to flirt back and forth as they grow older, and eventually start to date. They then get married and have five little pups, Chill, Bagel, Natasha, Polaris, and Klaus.

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