Chapter 1 Regular day in New Jersey

Narrator: Ryan was walking down the hall way on the first day of school when he saw 2 agents of his David, and Robert. it had been a year since agent Ryans team helped the pawpotral.

Both Robert and David: Hey Ryan how was your summer vacation.

Ryan: Good and how were yours?

Both Robert and David: They were amazing we went to the beach.

Narrator: But they did not notice a figure lurking in the shadows.

David: ( Noticed the figure aiming at Ryan) Ryan lookout behind you!

Ryan: ( Notices in time to dodge it) Thanks for the save David.

Narrator: Students start running everywhere.

Ryan: ( opens his back pack and pulls out his suit)

Both David and Robert: You came prepared and what about us?

Ryan: Oh almost forgot here. ( hands them there suits)

Both Robert and David: Thanks Ryan we OU one.

Ryan: No problem and we're back in business guys.

Chapter 2 Back to Buissness

Narrator: Ryan, Robert and David enter the school to see Daniel and Luke punching and kicking aliens with weapons.

Ryan: Daniel, Luke here are your suits.( hands them there suits and guns)

Luke and Daniel: Thanks Ryan we ou one.

Rya: Your welcome and David stay here with Luke and David, Robert your with me.

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