This is a Mer-Pup OC I desighned originaly to be Eries mate but I much prefered Caspian so Powell is now just a rouge Mer-Pup living in adventure bay

Apperance Edit

Hes mostly a bright orange color with a red/orange band around his paws and flower on his cheek, he also has a bright pink chest and stomach. He also has Purple eyes

His tail is Yellow with Purple stripes and a purple end

Personality Edit

Hes very open minded and ready to explore any time, he loves to play with other mer-pups he finds but usualy doesent remember them. He has 'nooks and cranies' that most pups dont find unless there really good friends with him (Which he doesent usualy have)

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Random Edit

  • He has a HUGE crush on Erie not aware of the fact shes Dating Caspitan
  • Hes a warm water pup and prefers warm to cold water
  • Even though he loves his pups when he sees some of his friends pups falling in love with land pups he gets paranoid that his pups might fall in love with a land pup so he tells them lies to make them scared of the land pups, He is also very protective of his Daughter when he feels like she would start dating, he leaves his sons for his Wife
  • He and his Wife Lake live in The Reef

Crush Edit

When he first Spoted Erie in the waters he fell instantly for the Mer-pup and tried countless times to win her over but to no avail later finding out that she was taken by another pup. After getting chewed out by her he swam off finding out that his close friend Lake had a crush on him and started to play with her to


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