Game Edit

This is a PAW patrol version of the game Portal 2

Summary Edit

Sarah thought her troubles were over after she defeated GladOS, but when she wakes up she finds she is in a broken relaxation room. She discovers Leviathan and they try to escape. But then, Leviathan wakes up GladOS and Sarah is whisked away into more tests. Leviathan ends up rescuing her, and they go confront GladOS. They manage to turn Leviathan into GladOS's body... But then he loses it. With GladOS (now a potato) as her only ally, Sarah has to try to find a way out

Characters Edit

Sarah as Chell

Leviathan as Wheatley

Maleficent as GladOS



Wess as Space core

More characters will be added...

Series Edit

Will start after Portal is finished

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