Port is a Trainee to Pilot Working on Deatons Paw Patrol

Apperance Edit

He is a Nova Scotia duck tolling retreiver. Having a Shinny gold coat with white on his nose, The toes of all his paws. and on his Neck, Chest and Part of his stomach. He wears a Dark Purple Collar

His Uniform is Dark Green with Purple Accents. His Crest has an Anchor with a rope Coiling around it.

Personality Edit

He is a very sweet and playfull pup. He loves to swim and mess around in the water. He is also very kind and modest especialy when rescuing, He doesent usualy take much credit and wont let lots of praise get to him.

Bio Edit

Port always loved playing around in the water and one day he went a little to far out and ended up getting sucked out to see. Lucky for him Pilot saw him and saved him. Soon Port became Pilots Trainee and now lives in Stormy Bay with the rest of Deatons Paw Patrol.

Trivia Edit

Pup pack Edit

  • Water Tanks
  • Propelors
  • A Rope with a Hook on the end

Vehicle Edit

He Drives a Hovercraft with only one Propelor on it. It is also Green Like his Uniform with his Crest on the side

Catchprases Edit


Random Edit

  • He is named after a Port for a Bay or something
  • Just like his Mentor he Looks up to Pilot highly and will fanboy over him very often whenever hes Praised for something
  • He goes by the Nickname Portie but only Birdie and Pilot can tell him that (Rory gave me this idea)

Crush Edit

While visiting SnowPort Port ran into Birdie and took a liking to her. For a while he couldnt get her off his mind but soon Pilot asked him what was up since Port had been missing training and forgetting things constantly. When Port opened up and told him his problem Pilot promised to help him eventualy see Birdie again. Soon enough Birdie and Port where able to meet up again and Port told Birdie how he felt. She happily agreed and the two started dating.

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