This pup is my fursona! Yay! User:PoliceChase

This pup is just like me! Gee I wonder why....

Bio Edit

PC Pup (PoliceChase pup) was born on November 17 somewhere in the United States. at the age of 7 months old he learned to walk (sounds pretty late for a pup but that pretty early for a human). At the age of 1 he and his family moved to Huntsville Alabama because his parents worked there. He and his family moved into a pretty normal house and adopted a pup name Shadow(my dog). Shadow was a Labrador mix and still running healthy today. As the years passed, PC Pups family noticed he was getting smarter and smarter. He eventually went to a new school in 4th grade with a promise that is was a better school. It was, and he had wished he had been to that school earlier. When 5th grade was halfway done, he and his family had enough money for a loan for a new home. They moved in to a home that he could walk to school. In middle school he got all advanced classes. Now in his junior year in high school, PC Pup's story continues.

Bio 2 Edit

He first saw the PAW Patrol 2 weeks after it came out. He instantly loved it. He went online in his little doggy computer and searched them up. He found the PAW Patrol wiki and made an account 2 months later. After a few days on the wiki he heard of the PAW Patrol fanon wiki and went to check it out. At that time there were less then 15 users and only 17 pages. So I ignored that wiki. After a few months he went back on to it and found out it had over 1000 pages! He then made an account.

Appearance and personality Edit

PC is a German Shepard-Labrador mix (two dogs that I like and desribe me). He is very caring at will accept almost any dare. He is very athletic and smart. He can learn new things in a blink of an eye(you just Blinked and I just learned about that).

more stuff coming soon Edit

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