Marshall - One of a Dalmatian. One of the PAW Patrol's Medic and Fire Pup. His Number #3 . One of the Most Big Hearted Pup. But his clumful. But he is always purposed for his kindness.

Chase - One of a German Sheperd. His the best Semi-Member. #2. He is the one of A Tracker Pup. A Spy Pup or A Police Pup (Spy Pup is Belong to Him In Series 2)

Rocky - One of a Mixed Breed. He is the one of a Resourceful and Recycling Pup. He don't want to be in Water. But His Eco Truck.#5

Skye - One of a Cockapoo. She is the one of a Aviation Pup. #4 . Her Helicopter is One of her Pup House. Her Pup-Pack Have Wings.

Rubble - One of an English Bulldog. He is the one of the Construction Pup. His Rig is #6. The One who Don't like Spider.

Everest - One of a Husky. One of a Snow/Mountain Pup. She is the #9. Eating Liver She Do. She don't like Show-offs. One of Jake's Pup. Her Pup-House Is Snow Plow.

Zuma - One of a Chocolate Labrador. One of a Aquatic Pup (That's Why He Loves Water) He Really Friend With Rocky. Number #7. His Pup-House Is Hovercraft (Can turn into a Submarine) His Pup Pack Have Propellers (On Diving Missions) He also have Buoy (From The New Pup)

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