I haven't wrote a story since I moved but since now I'm done, ill write a new one! :)

(Ryder is playing a video game) (Melody and Sophie walk in)

Ryder: Hi girls! How was training camp?

Melody: A nightmare.Why do we have to waste our summer in camp?!

Ryder: To train for work. You have to.

Sophie: Or we could ditch.

xRyder: What was that Sophie?

Sophie: Uh! I'm, not..... I'm not a snitch! Trust me!

(Melody shoots a look at her)

Ryder: Okay......

Sophie: Didn't Chase ditch that camp?

Ryder: Speaking of Chase.... He sent a card from Mexico. Here!

Sophie: (whispers to Melody) He didn't answer my question!

Melody: (opening the card) Chase gets a fun summer.

Melody: (reading) I miss you all so so so much! But I'm half to say, I'm coming back soon! Meet me at the airport! 

 Love- Chase

Sophie: Cool postcard!

(Zuma and Diamond comes out)


Diamond: Is he really!

Ryder: Yup! Let's go get him!

Skye and Grace: Not without us!

(A little white lab appears) (she has shaggy fur with a purple collar, she's also tiny)

Zuma: Hi Clover! Did you sleep well!

Clover: Wy sure did! (I sure did)

Ryder: Zuma, who is this?

Zuma: My little cousin.

Clover: Hy! (Hi)

Skye: SHES ADORABLE! (Hugs her)

Zuma: Who will watch her?

Ryder: Ill call Katie!


(Katie comes in)

Katie: I haven't puppy sat in a while! Since they were so... 

(She sees Clover)

Katie: LITTLE! (Hugs her)

Clover: I'm not wa stwffed awnimal! (I'm not a stuffed animal)

Katie: Ill take good care of her! Let's start with that hair.

Clover: Zwma! (Zuma)

Zuma: Don't cut her fur!

Katie: Just a trim.

Ryder: Let's go pups!

Zuma: Don't touch that hair!

(They leave)

At the airport......

Ryder: Okay pups! Lets wait for Chase!

Skye: I wouldn't be surprised if Clovers hair is cut!

Zuma: *gulps*

Melody: There he is!

(Chase is talking to some boy's)

Ryder: Chase! Oh Chase! CHASE!

(Chase and his friends run off)

Ryder: Let's get him. Melody, keep an eye on Sophie!

Sophie: Hey! I'm not a-

(There already gone)

Sophie: I'm getting a chocolate bar. Want anything?

Melody: No Sophie! If we're ever going to get out of camp, we need to be reasonable.

Sophie: Oh! Well- (she bumps into an other pup)

Sophie: Sorry!

Pup: (Speaking German)

Sophie: Uh.....

Melody: Shes from another-

(A cute saint Bernard comes up)

Melody: Country. Hey.

Saint Bernard: Hello! I'm Dainel! We're performing a music tour! We went to 6 countries!

Melody: Wow. I love music!

Daniel: We're going to Oakland! Care to join us?

Melody: I'd love to! Come on Sophie!

Sophie: What about being "reasonable"!

Melody: Don't you want SOME fun this summer? Chase won't even miss us.

Sophie: I guess.

(They board the plane)

Melody: We're are we going again?

Daniel: Oakland.

Melody: See Sophie! Oakland is little 5 minutes away!

Flight attendant: Please sit down.

Melody: Oh! We're leaving!

Flight attendant: You can't leave.

Melody: What if we don't have a ticket?

Flight attendant: Then that's hitchhiking. A series crime.

Sophie: C-C- crime!

Flight attendant: Now buckle up! It's the law.

Melody: Okay, it's just five minutes.

Other flight attendant: Attention passengers, were now leaving to Oakland, New Zealand. We're expecting to arrive in 14 hours.

Melody: New Zealand!

Sophie: 12 hours!


On the ground.......

Zuma: (on the phone) No! Katie don't cut her hair!

Skye: We know your helpful, but this isn't necessary!

Diamond: I'm bored.

(A dog runs up to her)


Diamond: Yes?

Dog: Can I get to know you! We can sit and talk! Maybe dance I heard you like to dance! We can just discuss a future career for me! Can I get a picture! (Grabs her camera) (Takes the picture) I can't believe this!!!!!

Diamond: (runs off)

Dog: You forgot her camera!

Diamond: Keep it!

Dog: Was it something I said?

Skye: Yes.

Zuma: Completely.

Grace: All in the lip.

(Ryder and Chase run up scared)

Chase: We were looking for Melody and Sophie!

Ryder: Security said They boarded a plane to New Zealand!

All: *GASP!*

Grace: They must be terrified!

Skye: Poor things!

(On the plane)

Sophie: (singing) Shell be comin around the mountain when she comes!

All but Melody: Yea haw!

Sophie: (singing) Shell be comin around the mountain when she comes!

All but Melody: Yea haw!

Sophie: (singing) Shell be comin around the mountain, she'll be comin around the mountain! She'll be comin around the mountain when she comes!

All: Yea haw!

Sophie: Melody! Singing is your talent!

Melody: Why bother! When Ryder gets us, well be singing "well be grounded for life when he comes".

Sophie: Oh.... (singing) Well be grounded for life when he comes!

All: Yea haw!

Melody: (Groans) Sophie! Just sit down and stay quiet! I have a plan!

Flight attendant: Beverage?


Sophie: That's your "plan"?!

Flight attendant: Oh my! Well, well have to fly you back. I'll notify your owner to come back tomorrow.

Melody: Thank you so much!!

The next day........

Flight attendant: Here we are! Home sweet home!

Sophie: Thanks! 

Ryder: GIRLS! (Picks them up and hugs them) Now... what's wrong with you!

Melody: It was an accident! 

Chase: You accidentally boarded a plane, accidentally sat down, and accidentally fly to New Zealand!

Grace: If you can't cross the bridge without permission. Why can you cross the Pacific!

Sophie: Okay, a fake accident.

Melody: Why should you care Chase! You were busy with your friends!

Chase: What! No one can replace you! Why do you think I was so worried? I mean! I missed you.

Melody: (hugs him)

Ryder: And girls....

Sophie: (singing) We are grounded for life now that he came!

Melody and Chase: Yea haw!

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