Pixie belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen. She was adopted from Confetii who adopted her from Chandlerscout.

Apperance Edit

Pixie is a mix she has a long thin tail and big floppy ears. She is pure yellow

She wears a green top when not on duty but when on duty she goes through many costume changes meaning she has no set outfit

Personality Edit

Pixie is very Prissy and up tight. The smalets drop of mud on her fer causes her to have a hissy fit. She is also incredibly Flirtacious when around most male pups. Shes very pushy when it comes to voicing her opinion and she isnt patient in the slightest bit.

Bio Edit

Pixie was born in a nice house with nice people. But they didnt have the time to take care of her so she and most of her siblings where either sold or Given away. In the short time she did know her mother they where really close, her mother always called her 'pix'. She was sold to a fashion star and lived with her. She was given propper care but her owners personality rubbed off on her and she became very Snooty and self centered. Pixier.jpg|Pixies Reference sheet After a few years of living with that owner she got lost, she lived on the streets for about one night before she found the lookout and insisted that she stay there. After staying there a few nights Ryder noticed that she had a knack for putting on preformances and dressing herself up and gave her the title of an actres pup. Though she isnt a full fledges member she works and stays with the Paw Patrol.

Trivia Edit

Vehicle Edit

She drives a vehicle that turns into a stage when she needs it to

Pup Pack Edit

Inside of her pup pack is a bunch of different outfits and costumes, along with that is a Mirror and a bit of makeup. Though she prefers to have a specialist do her makeup she will do her own every once in a while

Catchprases Edit

  • "Flash a Smile and show your Style"
  • "Fashion is my Passion"

Random Edit

  • Shes dreams of having a family with pups but since most pups cant stand her snooty atitude she doesent think she will find the right one
  • Only her close friends can call her Pix withough being snapped at

Stories Edit

Gallery Edit

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