Ghost pup




Piper was so excited. She was going to hang  with Chase and Skye all night. The trio were going camping in the woods.

Ryder: You pups have everything you need?

Piper: Ryder we will be fine. Don't worry so much

The pups hopped into their vehicles and drove off. The dogs were getting old enough and were smart enough to go places on their own. Soon, they found their camp spot in the woods.

Chase: Rocky gave me one of his old lights we could use

He sat down the lamp. Soon the camp was set.

Skye: Who wants to tell spooky campfire stories?

Piper shivered at the words. Then she started biting her jaw.

Piper: (fake yawns) I'm tired let's go to sleep

Piper's Dream...Edit

???: NOW it is your turn. You left me and know you shall PAAAAAY! 

Piper woke up.

Piper AwokeEdit

Skye: Piper are, are you alright?

Piper: No!

She tightened her eyes, sqealing in fear. She growled, remembering something.

Skye: Piper, did you have a scary dream?

Piper: Yeah, but it's nothing to worry about

Piper looked around confused.

Piper: I know that pup

Skye: What pup?

Piper: Okay, but don't tell Chase

Skye nodded

Skye: I'm listening...

Piper: Okay, so. When I was a little pup, I didnt really fit in. I went to school with wolves, but they didn't really like me. The school was split into four groups, Intelligentice, for wolves who was ranked high in intelligence, Athleticon, for those who are best with sports, Kindrin, for the nice wolves, and Cleverheart for Cleverness. But I wasn't chosen by the school council to be in the groups so I didn't fit in. Then, everyone, including Kindrins, started to bully me, so I made up an imaginary friend. My imaginary friend was a rainbow ghost pup with a looping tail, and she became my friend. I guess I had that dream because I forgot about him, so he must have come back to play...or something like that.

Skye smiled.

Skye: Awww, I've had a lot of imaginary friends-oh my dog!

Piper turned around and saw an amazing sight.

Piper: You're a...a... a ghost!

It was her imaginary friend!

Imaginary Friend: Oh, you must have a nightmare, sorry. But I see you have made new friends!

Piper: why did you scare me like that?

Imaginary Friend: I'm sorry, I just came back to say, I miss you!

Piper: Where did you come from?

Imaginary Friend: The land of imagination!

Piper and Skye watched as he disappeared into sparkles. Piper was glad she still had her friends, the Paw Patrol and her wild puppy imagination still inside of her.

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