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Piper pulls the baby wolves to safety.

Piper quickly dashed to the Rescue. She watched as the wolves split up. Chase was out of breath by the time he reached Ryder and Piper.

Chase: Ryder (huff huff) they got away!

Ryder: Who?

Chase: The guys who set the wolves free! She and some guy had hopped into a snowmobile and drove away! 

Ryder: We still need to get the wolves! I'll call Skye to intercept the suspects.

At the LookoutEdit

Skye: Really Zuma? You didn't even move the exact number of spaces!

Ryder:Skye we need you to intercept the bad guys, and I think I know who they are. Just give me a minute to pinpoint and give you the pprofiles of the enemies.

Skye: Sure thing! Let's take to the Sky!

At the MountainsEdit

Piper and Chase were busy chasing and tracking wolves.

Piper: Aaaaaawwwwww! Your so cute! Your a baby articles wolf!

Looks like your stuck up there!

Piper barked.

Piper: Arf Arf! Grappling hook! 

She safely got the wolf down and carried it like a puppy. Then, an idea popped up in the dog's head.

She came back, moments later with a sled filled with puppies! Wolf pups to be exact.

Piper: Ryder! I can herd the wolves back into the wildlife reserved area! Their so attached to the pups, that they will follow them back into the preserve! 

The wolves followed Piper and the wolf pups. Soon they were all safe. The crooks were caught and tossed into jail. 

Piper:Well, we got them safely back!

Tulip:Great job guys.

Ryder: You were ALL good pups!

                                           The End

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