Piper and Keena had plans for the day. They had been waiting all week. When Piper and Keena had discovered that ice wolves had escaped from the National Snow Park in the mountains.







The Artic WolvesEdit

Piper and Keena had been planning a spectacular weekend. They strolled down the park, heading to Mr. Porter's.

Keena: You ready to have the best day of your life?

Piper: Sure, but you don't have to get all hyped up about it. We're only going up to Jake's Mountain.

Keena: Sure I have to!

Piper: Well, did you hear about the Article wolves?

Keena:Yeah! I did! There's a rumor that they got loose or something like that.

Piper;KEENA! Why didn't you say something before?!

Keena: Oh that was true?

Piper: To the lookout!

Keena and Piper had made it to the lookout.

Piper:Ryder *huf huf* wolves escaped!

Ryder: All right, no job is to big, no pup is to small!

Chase was chosen, Along with Piper. Piper dashed to the rescue. Chase zoomed down the mountain.

Piper:Article wolves, didn't know they like it here.

Chase: I heard something.

Piper and Ryder:Chase behind you!!!

Part 2 coming soon!

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