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Piper's Celebration







Story Edit

Ryder:Okay, that's enough. Were done for the day.

Mayor Good way:Oh please tell me how you got Piper. She is such an fantastic pup!

Ryder:Sure no problem!

Finding PiperEdit

Ryder: It all started when the pups and I we're up in Jake's Mountain, having a fantastic time.

Rocky:(growles playfully) If you don't come back here,there is totally No way I'm giving you your old surfboard!

(Zuma had thrown a snowball at Rocky's face)

Rocky:Zuma... wait...I wandered to far, I should turn back around-

???:help me! Please! Help m-

Rocky:(stares at the noise) a pup! ???:My name is Piper, please help me...

Rocky:hold on I'll get help, don't move!

(Rocky makes his way back to the group safely)

Zuma:All man I was worried, awe you OK?

Rocky:yeah I'm fine but Piper isn't!

Ryder: Who is Piper?

Rocky:She'd a husky in the mountain north from here. We have to hurry!

(Rocky,Ryder,and Marshall head to the pup. Look!.She's Injured in the head! Uh oh!

Mayer Good way: Skip to the part where she rescues someone!

Ryder:Okay, if you insist!

Ryder:Well after we healed Piper, Article wolves start to attack Jake's Mountain, so we had to evacuate the whole mountain! But Piper knew just how to handle it!

Piper: Step away from them! grrrrrrr. (The leader of the pack circles. Piper walks in circles, to.)

Piper: Come get me!

(The wolves chase her! She leads them to a gate, which opens into the wild. She herds the wolves to the gate,then closes it.)

Chase:Ryder I figured out the problem! Some one had opened the gate!

Ryder: (smiles and turns to Piper) Piper I'd like to welcome you into the paw patrol,for an epic amount of bravery! You are now the snow patrol pup.

Every pup cheer

Ryder:And that's how we got Piper. She had helped us stop the ice wolves.

Mayor Good way: (walks over to Piper and gives her an ear scratch) What a good little pup!

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