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Piper and Jake helping a baby deer

Piper was rescuing a baby deer when she got a call on her pup tag from Marshall. 

Marshall: Piper, Ryder needs you run down here and help get these deer return to the wild. Where's that baby fawn?

The little fawn was shivering.

Piper: Sure Marshall, were on our way!

Piper and Jake headed to the beach with the fawn. Then, a few minutes after they returned the deer to the wild, Piper had started to sneeze!

Skye: Piper are you okay? You've been sneezing for hours now!

Piper: (sniffling) Yeah (sniff) Just a small cold. Is it me, or is it getting hotter in here?

The Husky panted and crawled over to the window.

Ryder: No you dont. You caught a cold from the deer! You need to rest.

Keena: Then whose gonna do her job then.

They all started at Keena.

Ryder: You!

Keena: Whyyyyyyyyyy!

Why me? Why do I have to do her job?!

Ryder smiled. You should be Piper's apprentice. II'll help you for now. 

Keena smiled. She was ready to be an aapprentice.

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