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Piper (collar and that)

My first OC! Woo hoo!


Piper loves to hang out with the Paw Patrol, although she does sometimes feel as if they reject her. Her unknown sister, Keena, loves to hang out with her. Piper can sometimes get a little picky when it comes to a variety of pupfood. She has a GIGANTIC crush on Rocky

Once her puppies are born she gets a bit more protective. She doesnt enjoy others picking on her friends or family either. Anyway, this mom will fight for her pups!


She is black with gray socks. She has curled tail, short shoulder length, and a gray like nose.


As the winter rescue dog of the team, she has a lot of tools. Her tools include the following:

  • blankets (2)
  • snow blower
  • ice pick
  • Jet-powered snowboard
  • Snowball scooper/Launcher

Vehicle n' tools

Piper has a snowmobile.

Green ButtonsButton:Button Shape shift into snowplow mode

Blue:Power on


Joystick: Left, Right, Drift,

Black: Radio

Purple: Reverse

Yellow: Power Down


Piper was born in the North Pole. After she and her brother,Zane, had tried to survive on Jake's Mountain, until Zane died in an avalanche. Keena, who was Piper 's sister, had found her and started to take care of her. When a storm hit on the mountain, Keena and Piper had tried to help the wild penguins that lived there. Unfortunately, the pups we're hurt. Rocky had found them both. Tulip, The health pup of the team had helped the wounds here. Both Piper and Keena we're recruited when they had saved the wild ice wolves.

Little did Piper know, Keena and Zane had kept a secret from her. Keena had knew Zane longer than Piper could remember. Piper had grown angry and decided to runaway. She felt as if she had been betrayed by her brother and Keena.

Voice Actors

Young Piper: Ariel WInter (voice of princess sofia in sofia the first)

Grown Piper: Cherami Leigh (voice of Lucy in Fairy Tail)

Extra Edit

  • Piper's favorite color is turquoise
  • Her besties are Skye,Tulip, , and Keena
  • she can't stand black
  • She hates when others bug her over  and Over
  • She sorta has a crush on both Rocky and Zuma
  • ​She doesn't like to be left alone
  • ​She's afraid of heights,snakes,avalanches,wolves,the dark,scary movies,murder movies and murder games
  • The husky dreams of becoming a famous snow rescue dog
  • "She loves playing games, like her son, games like mortal combat"
  • When Piper gets angry, she tries to hold it back and cries

    Known Family

Jenna: Daughter

Rocky: Husband

Zane: Brother

Keena: Sister

Frostbite: Son

Buttermilk: Cousin (Owned by MagicalPup13)

Monopoly: Nephew

Cheese: Nephew

Rickey: Sister in Law

Enchanted: Mother

Curse: Father

Vine: Cousin

Kooky: Aunt

If you'd like to make a family member for Piper, please get my permission. 99 out of 100, I'd say yes anyway. If you are going to make a member without asking, please note that he/she is related to Piper.