These pups are not in anthro form

Summary Edit

Kailey and Qbert are going to a movie -that Kailey worked on- premier with some of their friends. Some celebraties came and everything seems fine. But some strange things ate happening... Strange things that could turn this night into a nightmare.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Kailey (fursona)


Main PAW patrol members

Brooke Hikari


More characters will be added..

Minor Edit


Kitty purry

Mentioned Edit


Story Edit

"Lets see.. What all do I need for tonight again?" Kailey mumbled under her breath. She was currently driving her black mercades to the store.

"A new dress, a tux for me, some food, and a pretty necklace!" Qbert, her loyal pet and companion, reminded her.

"Oh, thats right. But wait... I dont remember needing a necklace..." Kailey said.

"you need a new one! You have been wearing that collar forever!" Qbert said. Kailey chuckled.

"Thats because I love it! Besides, I don't think its the collar you want to change so much as the locket." Kailey said with a smile. Her locket contained two pictures. One of her and Qbert, and one of her and her boyfriend Tanner. Qbert wanted to keep Kailey to himself, and strongly disliked the fact that Kailey and Tanner were so close.

"But you need to wear something special for the premier." Qbert pointed out.

"All the more reason to wear it." Kailey said and continued driving. Qbert stayed quiet. He made a pouty scrunchy face. Finally Kailey arrived at the store. "Why don't you stay here Qb?" Kailey said to Qbert. Qbert quickly shook his head.

"Where you go, I go." He said and hopped out. Kailey chuckled and rolled her eyes. Qbert was very clingy, but he was a good friend. She headed inside and grabbed a cart. Qbert hopped inside and Kailey headed through the isles, only to run into her friend Hailey.

"Oh hi Hailey!" Kailey said happily.

"Hi Kailey!" Hailey replied. Qbert cleared his throat. "And hello to you too Qbert." Hailey added.

"What are you doing here?" Kailey asked.

"Probably same as you. Getting ready for the movie premier tonight. Thanks for inviting me by the way!" Hailey said.

"Your welcome. What are you looking for?" Kailey asked.

A work in progress...

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