Peridot (Peri)

Owned by ROCKYDOG13

Bio: She is a sweet little Weimaraner pup who has a adventurous streak which she got from her father. She is the oldest out of 10 puppies and she loves to play. She loves to explore and she loves to make adventures either by herself or with her friends. When she goes out she wears the special Adventurer hat her father gave her since she is the oldest pup in the family since he was as well.

Appearance: She is a light brownish gray pup with a light green collar and light green eyes. When on adventures she loves to wear her adventurer hat.

Crush: While playing in the snow on the mountain, she saw and fell in love with Canyon. They go on many adventures and dates. Soon they get married and have four puppies Cobalt, Evening, Moonrise, and Jacinda.

Fears: She is afraid of rats especially solid black ones and this is due to the black rat which nearly harmed the baby in Lady and the Tramp. She also hates seagulls because they took her cotton candy when she was a young pup.


Young: Debi Derryberry (Annette from Lady and the Tramp 2)

Adult: Ming-Na Wen (Mulan from Mulan and Mulan 2)

Stories written or cowritten by me:

Stories Written by others:

Pups at the Age of Danger

Random Trivia:

She is a part of Tundra's fanon universe.

Gallery Edit


Peri 001

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