Previously on Snow and IceEdit

Collette finds her friend Pearl. Pearl was beat up and now has a message for Collette.

Pearl: use your healing power

Collette: Okay

Tulip: You have healing powers?


Chase: We should head to the Kingdom. It looks safe there.

Collette looked at him, then frowned.

Collette: Uh yeah okay?

Pearl: Kilo sent me a message. 

Collette: Kilo?

Pearl: Yeah. He says that he needs your help at the Glacier Kingdom. The Alpha Wolf had requested him to his palace. He was supposed to break a curse on the Wolf's statue. It was cursed by Iceshard.

Collette: I hate him...

Skye:Hate is a strong word, you may not like him, but please don't use it

Keena: She's right. Let's go to the Glacier Kingdom

The Alpha Wolf granted them permisson to see the Elder. The Elder knew the answer to everything. He then greeted them.

Elder: You all can't leave until you defeat Iceshard

All: WHAT! 

The Paw Patrol can't leave!

Kilo's message is important!

What happens next! Find out next episode!

A wish or promise

Previous EpisodesEdit

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The Beginning Part 2

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