Paws is a fashionista and he is a stray dog who lives in the Adventure Bay Dump.

Appearance: Paws is a light pink Dalmatian Poodle mix who has a white muzzle and paw pads.He has pink Poodle-like ears and tail and paw-shaped spots,hence the name "Paws" and he has hazel eyes and a raspberry nose and tongue.

Personality: Paws is,like I said above,a fashionista and he loves fashion and he dosen't like to get dirty and wet and messy and dirty and etc. And he is very sassy and rude and he sometimes hurts other pups feelings and he is sometimes known as a bully and he wants every thing to be perfect and he always wants to be the best.

Bio: Paws was once owned by a fashion director who always treated him as the best pup in the world.Then,his owner was fired from his job as a fashion director and he treated Paws poorly,so Paws ran away from home and headed for New York.Then,Paws was adopted by a music recorder and he found out something disturbing and he ran away again to Texas.Then,Paws found a military base,but he only stayed their for a day,and when he got up at 5:00 am,he left the military base and he went back to Adventure Bay.Then,he found his permanent home in the Adventure Bay dump and he became a stray dog.


  • Paws is based off a stuffed animal.

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