Pawmer is a first gen pup and was Angelina's twin brother.

Personality Edit

He was a very carrying and kind pup. He like his father loved to do hip hop. He wanted to become a famous Hip Hop dancer pup like his dad. He loved his sister with all his heart. He loved to help others.

Bio Edit

He had an awesome life they were rich and famous. He lived in a Studio with his parents and sister. He always liked to see his dad perform. Tho when he and Angelina was 3 months old a mean man who's name was Cecil...snuck in and Kidnapped him and they parents and Angelina  Cecil threw him and his parents in a fast current river and Angelina saw this and ran away. Angelina then found Dina who adopted her bf was Cecil..tho Angelina told her what happened and now they life on they own with out Cecil. Tho he and Angelina's parents from doggy heaven still watch over her to this day.

Appearance Edit

(comming soon)

Family Edit

Angelina twin sister (alive)

Aaralyn mom (dead)

Kenith Dad (dead)

Stories he's in Edit

Fears Edit

Trivia Edit

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