part 1

New Cast:





Nathan (New pup)

Marshall: *gets away from the car

Marshall: Where did I land?

Jason: Did you just talk?

Marshall: Yep!

Jason: Oh well. But, You're at the puppy grand prix! It's a race around the world!

Marshall: *wanted to join 

Marshall: Can I join?

Jason: Yeah! Just go up there.

Marshall: *walks down and asks a person if he could join

Marshall: Can I join this race?

Phillip: Yes, you can.

Marshall:*hops In his fire truck

Phillip: On your mark,get set, go!

The racers drive off

Marshall: I have to win this!


Kai: What did you do!

Rinty:Sent him off to a race track!

Ryder: Well, bring him back!

Vivica: No!We don't want to!

Kai was getting mad his sword and body was in flames

Cole: Kai is using his true potential

Jay jumps up and turns into a lighting bolt

Zane jumps and turns into a ice circle

Cole jumps and rocks float up

Gram: Oh no! Guys drive!!!!!

Lloyd: Let's use this!

Everyone presses it except Ryder

They all leave except Ryder

Ryder: Guys?

They land In the track

Jay: Oh no! We're late!

Kai: I see him! He's racing!

Kai holds his sword and his sword transforms into a motor cycle

Jay uses his nunchucks and it turns into a hover craft

Cole spins his scythe and turns into a rock destroyer

Zane throws his shrunken and turns into a ice cycle

They race off after Marshall

Rocky: So...what do we do?


Marshall is taking the lead

Nathan catches up

Nathan: Hey Marshall! Pull over and I'll give you my car!

Marshall: Yeah, right!

Tanner: What did he say Nate?

Nathan: He said no.

Marshall: You guys are friends!

Both: Yep!

Then Kai catches up 

Kai: Marshall stop!

Then Tanner and Nate smash into Kai,Cole,Zane, and Marshall. They fall off into bushes.

Jay: Guys!!!

Zuma: Dude's,what happened!

Chase and Skye: Marshall!

Rubble: Oh no! Guys!

Part 3

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