cast:  Marshall, chase , molly(chase's sister), izzy(chases sister), spongebob(chase's brother), Daniel tiger(chase's cousin), Gumball Watterson(chases cousin)

STORY chapter 1 After Marshall got caught up in a race, he started to ask himself questions.

Marshall: What am I going to tell Ryder, When is he going to come find me What if he never finds me, What if I never see Rosie or my friends AGAIN ?

Molly: Marshall, Marshall where are you. Oh I hope we find Marshall soon I'm really worried about him. Izzy: Don't worry Molly, we'll find him. SpongeBob: yeah we'll find him Molly. Gumball: Yeah just leave it up to him to find his way home*OW* Chase: That was really rude Gumball. You know how you would feel if Penny was lost, now wouldn't you ? Don't mind what he says Molly, plus I picked up his scent. It smells like he's headed for the grand prix. all: the grand Prix/ CHAPTER 2. Molly: oh no Chase: what? Have you been in a prix before? Molly: Yes, and once your in, you CAN'T GET OUT. (Chase calls Ryder) Ryder: Ryder here. Oh hi Chase how's the search? Chase: Not good. We think Marshall entered the grand prix. Ryder: Well we have to get him out of there Gumball: we can't to be contuied Click here for the next partD

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