Lord hater ( aka from wander over yonder)

It was a perfect morning in adventure bay the pups and ninja were outside sitting in the sun

Jay: Kai get me some lemonade

Kai: alright 

Kai gets up and pours lemonade in glass and walks over to Jay

Kai: here Jay

Kai splashes the lemonade in jays face

Jay: what the heck!

Chase laughs

Skye: why do they always fight?

Chase: no clue

Just then Ryder runs out of the look out

Ryder: pups I have......

Ryder froze

Jay gets up

Jay: you got what?

Rocky: Ryder what's wrong?

Lloyd: he froze

Rubble: how?

Kai: not sure but this isn't good

Just then Alex runs over

Alex: pups what happened!

Skye: we're not sure

Kai: oh God what is that

Jay: oh my goodness run AHHHHHHHH!

There was a giant ship

Zuma: guys we better run

The ship sucks them in

Skye: where are we

Jay: somewhere not good

They walk around the ship 

Rubble: guys look out!

Rubble gets show by a freeze gun

All: rubble!!!!

Rocky: look over there!

They see a dark figure

Figure: I am Lord hater 

Hater: you will die now!

Kai: no we're not!

The freeze gun hits Chase

Skye: CHASE!!!!

Kai: is that Benny!!!

Benny runs over

Benny: oh my it's you guys I missed you!

Just then the freeze gun hits Skye

Zuma: DUDE STOP!!!!

Hater: never

Then he shoots Zuma and Marshall and they freeze

Rocky: stop it!

Just then everything went black

Marshall wakes up

All: morning Marshall

Marshall: huh what?

Rocky: you had a bad dream

Marshall: it felt so real

Ryder: what was it

Marshall: oh nothing big

`everyone laughs

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