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Zuma ( no lines) 


Zap (no lines)



Benny: go after cali

Chase: that's what we're doing!

Ryder: pups I'll go back to look out Kai you're in charge!

Kai: yey

Kai Jay Zane Llyod and the pups go to city hall

Mayor goodway: Ryder help!!!!

Kai: mayor were here!

Mayor: where's Ryder

Jay: he's a  the look out

Ryder gets captured by the cats

Rocky: the cats went down there lets go!

Kai: Skye stay back we don't want to loose you

Skye: I'll stay with the mayor

Kai Jay Zane Llyod Marshall Rocky Chase and Zuma go down

Zane: it sure does smell down here

Marshall: no duh it's the sewer.

Zane rolled his eyes

Kai: look there the lair

Llyod: let's crash it!

The pups run in and get stuck in a net 

Kai: oh God!

Jay: give them back!

Cali: no losers!

Kai: Grrr

Kai: fire!!-

Jay: lighting!!!

Zane: ice!!!!!!

Llyod: ninja go!!!!

They see the system that makes them evil

Kai: destroy it!

Lloyd destroys it 

They wake up in the yard of the lookout

Rocky: huh what happened

Ryder: you passes out on the bridge

Kai: are they gone?

Cali walks by

Jay: guess so!

Ryder: job well done pups lets party

Skye and Lloyd play pup pup boogie

Lloyd wins!

Lloyd: yes!!!!!!

Outside tower

Frosty: them suckers are in for a big surprise

Dixie: they sure are


They'll jump back do It again ninjago! Ninja come on well jump up kick around and spin!!! 

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