New characters:


Christian ( mentioned )

They all land in a park

Geo: umi city park!

The ninjas and pups were happy

Skye: this is flip tastic

Jay: everything you say has flip!

Skye rolls her eyes

Ryder walks up to the tree

Ryder: this is a awesome tree house

Milli: thanks

Just then they see big and little trouble

Kai: oh great

Little: we don't want trouble there a new bad kid

All: who!

Big: some kid names Christian

Cole: oh great

Rubble: we can stop him!

Ryder: paw patrol to the tree house!

Pups: Ryders calling 

They get up there

Ryder: we need to stop Christian

Ryder scrolls to Chase

Ryder: Chase I need you to use you're net to capture them

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: and Skye I need you to spot his location

Skye: this pups gotta fly!

Ryder: Lloyd in case they won't work with use

Ryder: and Zane if we need to freeze him!

Zane: I'm ice cold

Lloyd: Lloyd is gold

Ryder: paw patrol is on a roll!

They arrive at a forest

Lloyd: oh great  how do we find them

They see a new  pup

Ryder: who are you

Pup: I'm Kyle

Kyle: my old owner Christian is evil

Lloyd: we're here to stop him!

Ending theme 

Well jump back do it again

End of part 2!

part 1

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