paw patrol and slender man (part 1)Edit

 In Adventure Bay, six pups, known as the Paw Patrol, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rubble and Rocky, along with their leader, Ryder, were at the train station taking a vacation for all the good hard work they did. Ryder and the Paw Patrol had brung their belongings, they planned on spending the vacation in the woods were a cabin is in set in the middle of the forest with a lake and a playground near the cabin.

Ryder:"Ok, pups. I hope you'll ready for your vacation."

Skye:"We sure are!"

Chase:"I can't wait for the train will arrive!"

Marshall:"Me too! I'm looking forward to playing on the swings."

Zuma:"I'm looking forward to play in the lake."

Rocky:"You can play in the lake if you want, but I'm planning on playing on the slide."

Rubble:"I'm planning on digging until my paws are tired."

The pups laughed and giggled, Ryder did the same.

Ryder:"We're all planning at having fun."

Just then the train arrives, as the doors open, Ryder and the Paw Patrol got on, the train then departure to their location. While riding on the train, the pups looked out the window to think about their friends.

Rubble:"I'm going to miss my friends, including the my best friend, the witty bitty kitty, I mean, I'm going to miss Precious, I mean, Mayor Goodway."

Zuma:"I'm going to miss Wally, I wish to could see that big dude before we got on."

Marshall:"Well, I'm going to miss Fuzzy and all my bird friends."

Skye:"Well, I sure do going to miss my bunny friends."

Rocky:"We all going to miss them. (Talks to Chase) Hey Chase. Who are you going to miss?"

Chase:"Well, I'm going to miss everyone. (Talks to Ryder) What about you Ryder?"

Ryder:"I'm going to miss Katie, Alex, Mayor Goodway, Chickaletta, Cali, Wally, Cap'n Turbot, Farmer Yumi, Mr.Porter, and Jake too."

With the moment they had of missing their friends, Chase looks out the window again and saw someone in the woods, which made him very curious.                                                                                                            ;)   what will happen next ? find i out today.

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