Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 3/5/14
Written by Sway-Sway
Directed by Sway-Sway
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Remake of thomas and friends!









Chase: it can be had to get it to right

Skye: you're out of breathe and slowed down

Zuma: you can't go on and no one wants to play

Kai: that's when you need a friend's around

Rocky: to help you when you've fallen down

Chase: give you a smile and help you back up

Zuma: get you moving and grooving on you're way

All: all you need are friends

Lloyd: good friends

Chase: to see you on you're way

Skye: it can be tough but I know we can make it through x2

Geo: Ryder Rocky Rubble and Zuma

Marshall Skye Kai Jay Cole Zane and Lloyd

Let's not forget number 1 

I hear him barking and running

All: all you need are friend  good friends to help you through the day it can be tough but I know we can make it through x4

Rocky: woo hoo

Geo: great job guys!

They all  jump to the screen 

The end

Credit to the makers of thomas and friends!

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