In the Crack Ship Universe males can give birth to a pup, in this case BJ gave birth to a pup named Koda. And he is Co-Owned by Smartpup Chase76 and Zumarocks3390


The only pup in the litter for DJ and BJ pups and was born into the family after BJ and DJ got curious and decided to start a family of their own after being brothers for a while. Both pups agreed on the idea to start one and BJ went on to give birth to a pup named Koda and then a pup named Lincoln.


Koda: He is a Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd/Husky mix puppy. He has a mix of Light Chocolate Brown fur from DJ and a Black and Tan fur mix from BJ and has four light brown socks on his paws.

Lincoln: A Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd/Husky mix puppy just like his brother, but he has BJ’s fur color with DJ’s Light Chocolate Brown acting as spots on him. He also has Semi-perked ears and his eyes are a light Green color.


Koda is sweet pup like his father BJ, but does have a little bit of an anger problem like his fathers. But he does love to play with his dads and the other pups.

Lincoln is a bit more calmer temper wise compared to his older brother, but is a bit more quieter than Koda, but he loves to play with his brother and family members none the less.


Koda was given BJ's old plushy by his father BJ shortly after he was born

Stories by Us

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IMG 20151230 215014

Koda~!! Drawn by Zumarocks3390

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