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Rex and the Pepper


Rex Weathers




Gazza was watching TV. Nothing much on. Then an Ad caught his eye. It was about a Pepper.

Ad: The Carolina Reaper is the Hottest Pepper on earth!!! So hot that some people had to get to the hospital!!!

Gazza: That gave me an idea for a Prank. I'll get some and put the hot stuff in Rex's Dinner.

Later at Dinner

Rex: This meal looks delicious. I can't wait to taste it.

When Rex put some in his mouth, he started yelling.

Rex: What The?!!!!! It's Too HOT!!!

Rex started panicking!

Rex: Someone has put Hot Peppers in my meal!!! If I find that one who did this they are dead!!! This is the Hottest thing I've ever eaten!!!

Rex looked at everyone.

Rex: So your all just going to sit there and watch me suffer!!! Go get me a Swimming Pool size drink of water!!!

Everyone got up.

Rocky: This ain't good!!!

2 Day's Later

Rex was in his Doghouse.

Then Rocky came with some news.

Rocky: It seems what you had was the Carolina Reaper Pepper. It's currently the Hottest Pepper on earth.

Rex lifted his eyebrows high.

Rex: That Pepper was so unbearably painful that I spent 2 days at Katie's because of it!!! I almost Died!!! I'm sure Gazza's behind this!!! That fool!!! Once I catch that Gazza I'll make him regret this!!! You hear me?!!! Go bring me Gazza!!! Gazza!!! Gazza!!! Gazza!!!

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