This page Features the Paw Patrol's true ancestors, what they did, and how they became legend.

Canius (Chase's ancestor)

Canius was born a slave in the Great Empire. He continued this until age 7(Months) where he saved another slave, named Maria, by beating an overseer to death. He then led a huge number of slaves (including Demirtes) to freedom and settled them in Fredonia. He then began a raiding campaign in the Dark Empire, which ended when Hermacles and his Dalmatians arrived.

Hermacles (Marshall's ancestor)

Hermacles was born and raised in Dalmatia, a nation built around warfare. Hermacles trained his entire life for a glorious death in battle which, as he was taught, was the only true honor he could ever achieve. He ultimately became the top general of the Dalmatian army, earning himself respect from all Dalmatians, even those who had bullied him in training. When an imperial messenger arrived in Dalmatia, Hermacles was asked to choose between two sides: the Fredonians, led by Canius, or the Great Empire, led by king Sardisius. Hermacles chose to help the Fredonians, throwing the messengers down a well. He then led an army of 10,000 Dalmatian hoplites to Fredonia. On the way there, he destroyed an imperial army 5X the size of his own without losing a single soldier(that goes to show you how skilled the Dalmatians were.) He then helped Canius fight several battles against the Great Empire, eventually destroying it and freeing Dalmatia from enslavement. He continued to fight in the army, even through retiring age. He died the most famous soldier in Dalmatia at age 100(months).

Maria (Skye's ancestor)

Like Canius, Maria was born a slave in the Great Empire. Unlike Canius, Maria was a girl.

Demirtes (Rocky's ancestor)

Rameses (Rubble's ancestor)

Chin Tzu (Zuma's ancestor)

Veronica (Everest's ancestor)

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