The Story Starts At UK...... 

Man: Maximum Passengers To Britannic!

Man 2: Captain! Sail The Ship Away!

Captain: Ok!

HMHS Britannic Sails Away

At Adventure Bay......

Marshall: Im Almost winning the race!

Ryder: Yay! 

(Ryders pup pad rings)

Captain of HMHS Britannic: WERE TORPEDOED!!!!!!

Ryder: By A U-boat?

Captain: yeah  Ryder.

The pups collars ring...... All Pups RYDER NEEDS US!

Ryder: I Need all the pups!

(At the lookout)

Ryder: Zuma Bring The Paper To The Britannic!

Zuma: Ok (shy at the sinking)

Ryder: Rocky help Zuma glue the paper.

Rocky: Will he get it?

Ryder: Of course.

Rocky: I should ride the hover craft! 

Britannic Begins To launch Lifeboats

Captain: Launch The Lifeboats!

All People: WERE SINKING!!!

Britannic Went On Starboard Side.....

Zuma, Rocky and Ryder: NOOOOOOO!!!

MV Princess Of The Stars Rescued The Survivors

Ryder Calls Paw Patrol in Adventure Bay.....

Ryder: For All The Pups (HMHS Britannic Sanked And Rescued By A Filipino Ocean Liner MV Princess Of The Stars

All Pups: NOOOOOOO!! :(

Chase: I Will Go To PHILIPPINES!!!


Ryder: Ok Ok.

The Story Ends When Rubble Plays Minecraft Building Himself

Trivia: HMHS Britannic Is A Hospital Ship That Was Torpedoed By U-20 When Rubble Plays Minecraft...

He's Building Himself but on Ryders pup pad. LOL! 

The Next One Is safety of MV Princess Of The Stars The HMHS Britannic Raised By It Selfed And The stones covered It :0

Its a Mystery The Stone that covered the torpedoed hull was launched by Cia Boat AUG 6 boarded with paw patrol....

Special edition After The Sinking....

GMA News: HMHS Britannic Was Raised By Itselfed with stones covering it.


PAW Patrol: At Least we launched that stone.

Ryder: we Have A Burger FROM THE FLIGHT MH 370

All Pups: NOOO

Chase: thats Macdonald burger Anyway.


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