(This is made up and should not be taken seriously...obviously.)

Monday: Marshall's Marmalade

The PAW Patrol send Marshall to a job of making marmalade. He gets the million dollar check at the end of the week, and Chase is after it.

Tuesday: Operation Chili Sauce

Post and Rocky get tired of each other when Rocky hangs at his lookout. When the line is drawn, the two go an all-out prank war.

Wednesday: Tweak

Marshall is tired of being looked down on for being clumsy. He trusts the wrong person and makes the other pups clumsy, and since that isn't meant to be, he actually causes a fracture in the world.

Thursday: Thorns Are In A Rose As Chase's Love To Skye Is Never Going To Be

Chase misunderstands Skye when she says Chases love can't be yet. He gets sad, and makes a realm of sadness.

Friday: And The Award For Money Management Goes To...Wait, Where's Lasie!?

The money manager for PAW Patrol quits, and soon the shows voices are wrong, animation is bad, and the show will collapse!

You guys are free to use these.ideas as long as u give me credit.

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