This is the story you have been waiting for for a long time now,it's the Paw Patrol Lol Comedy Club!!

Summary: The pups have been very busy over the spring,with saving Alex from a surf board to finding Skye. Then Starlight and Ryder came up with an idea: Why not go to an Lol Comedy Club? 


Chase: Man,I'm bummed. We had so many missions. I can't believe my sweetie Skye got lost! 

Zuma: Hopefully we don't have any more for a while.

Starlight: Good thing,because me and Ryder have been coming up with a special idea for you pups!

Ryder: Yeah,since you guys are all basically an adult now,we spent a couple hundred bucks for you and 9 other guests to come to....

The TV turns on describing the place.

Everyone: The Lol Comedy Club!

Rocky: Ryder,you didn't have to do that.

Tundra: (Looking at Rocky like he's out of his mind,but very sweetly.) Oh yes he did! 

Skye: Haha! 

Ryder and Starlight look at each other in worry.

Starlight: Well,you should get going!

Rubble: Aren't you coming?

Starlight: We can't. We specifically bought the money for you and 9 other guests.

Ryder: And besides,we aren't old enough. 

Marshall: So that's us 6. Who else wants to come?

Chase: Ryder,please come with us! 

All the pups beg.

Ryder: I'm only 10! 

Just then,the phone rings. 

Ryder: Hello?

Yes,one other thing,Ryder boy. I forgot that we changed a couple rules. One,all ages can come. Two,we decided for you and another guest to come along with the Paw Patrol,I believe? 

Ryder: Really? That's awesome! We will be over at 5:30! 

Ryder hangs up,nearly breaking the phone.

Chase: Jesus,Ryder,what's up with you? 

Ryder: I can come!!!!

Skye: You can??

Ryder: Yes,and I can bring another person along! And I believe that will be....(sigh) Katie...

All the pups purr in excitement,laughing.

Starlight: Hehe..well,better get going!

Zuma: You wanna come?

Starlight: No reservations,and I can't, I got a job at Wendy's yesterday,so,I will be working there this evening.

All the pups congratulate him,but moans in depression.

Starlight: Don't worry about me! I'll be fine! Oh my,look at the time,you better go!

Chase: Bye Starlight! Good luck at your job! 

Starlight: Sayonara,my friends!

All the pups and Ryder leave.

Starlight: They grow up so fast...


The pups brought Everest,Ryder brought Katie,and they were on their way. When they arrived,they were surprised to see that everyone brought cards and money for them.

Devin: Hello,Paw Patrol. How do you do?

Everyone greets Devin and gets ready for the show,when dinner is served. 

Devin: A choice between chicken legs,ribs,burgers,hot dogs,or steak.

Most of the pups pick steak,but before Skye could grab hers,Chase stopped her.

Chase: Um..Skye?

Skye: Yes,my good man?

Chase smiles.

Chase: I just wanted to say,dig in. Enjoy your food and everything else here.

Skye: Aww,you too,baby! (They kiss for a sec,then realized Devin is there.)

Devin: Well,what do we have here? Chase,I say you got yourself a good girl,if you know what I mean. 

Chase blushes very hard. seems I do,don't I?

Devin: Hehe..enjoy yourselves.

Chase thanks him.

Devin: Hello,citizens of Adventure Bay! My name is Devin,if you already know. Today I will hypnotize you to do whatever I say! Any participants? 

All the pups and Ryder and Katie raise their hand.

Devin: Excellent,just the crowd I needed. Please come sit here.

The pups sit in Devin's order,from Rubble,Marshall,Everest,Skye,Chase,Rocky,Zuma,Ryder,and Katie.

Devin: Let's get started,shall we? 

Devin pulls out a watch and swings it back and forth until they fall fast asleep.

Devin: You are now sleeping. Enjoy it.

The audience waits for about five minutes until Devin speaks again.

Devin: Now when you wake up,you're gonna realize the person next to you just started the worst smell,you gotta get away from 'em! And *snap!*

Devin: And ugh,what's that smell? (Fart sounds)

Chase:Aw,Rocky,bro,the heck you had to do that?!?

Rocky: What do ya mean,yours smells even worse!!

Skye: My god,Everest,take your smells somewhere different!

Everest: Oh c'mon now,I'm gagging cause of you! 

Rubble: Ew,Marshall!

Marshall: Excuse me,Mr. Appetite. Your farts smell like fish 3,000 years old,thank you very much!

Ryder: Disgusting,Katie! Girls fart worse than me!

Katie: Puh-lease! Your carts need perfume,Mr. Stink-A-Lot!

Devin: Ha! You gotta love these guys! Oh,wait,suddenly the smell's delicious! Smell all over em! 

Chase: Hey,Skye,you smell like Paradise.

Skye: And you smell like pancake mix!

Marshall:Everest,wow,what a smell!

Everest: Mm-mm! Sugar,Spice,and everything nice!

Rocky: Rubble,you smell like chocolate cake!

Rubble: Rocky,what did you eat this morning,sausages?

Ryder: Katie,wow!

Katie: Get over here,you goodsmellin'!

Devin: Pretty soon,you start to get all over em,smelling you!

Chase: Oh,Skye,gemme some of your love and smells,baby!

Skye: Chase,you loving piece of pasta,come here!

Marshall: Oh,yes,Everest,yes.

Everest: Marshall,you smell like my breakfast!

Rocky: Rubble,holy crap! 

Rubble: Chili cheese fries!

Ryder:Oh yes,Katie,gemme some of your love..

Katie: Wow,you smell like my pet store!

Pretty soon the audience starts cracking up,laughing their heads off.

Devin: Now when I snap my fingers you're going to get very sleepy...very sleepy.

  • snap!*

More coming soon. :)

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