Ryder: I have Pup Treats All Pups: YAY Marshall: Umm Theres A Blocky Man! Paw Patrol: STEVE! Steve: Im From Minecraft:) You know my name YAYAYAYAY Steve: Ill Use Magic Wand So You're Blocky Paw Patrol: NOOOOOO Later On Minecraft Paw Patrol: I miss Home:( Ryder: IM BLOCKY Skye: were blocky CHase: ZOMBIES!!!! Zombies: Dont Kill US Were Part Of Your gang since 1927 And retired:( Paw patrol: ok Night Falls......... ALL: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ryder: Precious Times Creeper Blown Up Zombie 1 Creeper: MAUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I KILLED YOUR ZOMBIE Chase Uses Net At Creeper Creeper: Cant Block This Skye And Why? Creeper:I Sent Zombie Pigman Minions...... All: NOOO Ryder Throws Nuclear Written Free Diamonds Land Form After-______ _____


Ryder: Yess THE END

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