Paw Patrol? Part 4Edit

The Next Morning Edit

Marshall's up to see none of the pups up and goes for Breakfast Ryder's at the Breakfast Table by himself Crying "WHY DOES NO ONE LOVE ME ONLY THESE SILLY PUPS DO" Cries Ryder "Ryder? Whats up?" Asked Marshall Concered "WHAT you didn't hear anything" Yelled Ryder "Marshall LEAVE GO GET BEAT UP BY CHASE OR SOMETHING"Cried Ryder. Ryder Picked up Marshall and threw him in Chase's Pup house were Skye was sleeping with Chase. Chase Wakes up Angry "Messing with me and MY BABE HUH?!" Barked Chase "NO it was Ryder he threw me here " Replieled Marshall "Sure" said Chase Slapping the Datamation across the Yard Marshall gets up "OK I'M DONE WITH YOU" Marshall Charges Chase and claws him in the chest then throws Him "Gasp" Skye did Then Runs after Chase on ground "Are you ok?" Asked Skye Crying Marshall Spits on Chase Rocky see's this go down and Tells Ryder "RYDER MARSHALL AND CHASE ARE FIGHTING" Pancied Rocky Ryder ran to the pups and kicked Marshall "Thanks Ryder" Said Skye "Anything for you guys you guys are my Favorites" Said Ryder. The other pups heard this and were not happy Rocky and Zuma were pretty upset "Hey W-ocky" Said Zuma "Hey Zuma did you here what Ryder Said"Asked Rocky "Yeah I don't like this"Answered Rocky "I know Julian That's where Marshall was Maybe he can tell us why Ryder and Marshall Are being Weird"Said Zuma "Great idea lets head over to the beach hopefully the kidding napping was some lie" Replied Rocky. Zuma And Rocky were off on there hover boards  

Julian's house Edit

"Noob your bad at games kid" yelled at Matt in there Skype Call Rocky and Zuma Knock on his door "Who is it?" Replied Julian "Zuma and Rocky" Said Rocky. Julian takes his headset off and opens the door for the pups "Why hello" Said Julian Greeting The pups "Where's Matt?"Asked Zuma "He left With Katie to Los Angeles" Replied

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