Parka is a present gen oc and belongs to Sportthewolfsky

Appearance Edit

Parka is an Alaskan Kai Klee. Her muzzle is white along with her her underbelly and the tip of her tail also. The rest of her is black. She has icy blue eyes, she has a navy blue collar with an ice cube as her badge with a lighter blue background.

Personality Edit

Parka is not fiesty and sassy. She won't shy away from a fight and will fight with anyone who provokes her too much. She loves playing with her friends and mentor, Koho and looks up to him a lot. She's very loyal and will stick by her friends for whenever they need them.  She gets slightly insecure about her size. She's a huge tomboy and isn't afraid to roll around in the mud with the boys.

Bio Edit

When she was a little pup she was born into a rich family and was put into dog shows with the rest of her of family. They were all top dogs and when Parka had lost three dog shows in the row her owners and parents abandoned her on the streets. After awhile of wandering the streets she sees a dog stuck in the snow and helps him out. Koho's sees this and soon asks her to be his trainee.and she gladly accepts.

Trivia Edit

  • she has a fear of spiders
  • She has a crush on Twister

Stories Edit

Gallery Edit

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