Ty: No! 

Katie: Who are you!?

Ryder: My brother.

Katie: *under breath* Well I didn't know that.

Ryder: WHAT?!

Katie: Nothing.

Ryder: -_-

Ty: I hope you two are finished with your conversation!

Narrater: No. Let them talk, ok kid?

Ty: Never!

Chase: When is this going to end!?

All: I don't know.

Narrater: Just get back to the story.

All: Ok.

Ty: Where was I? Oh know I remember. I came here to destory the PAW Patrol with the pups! 

Ryder:No...Wait what are their names?

Ty: Manny, Zoomer, RJ-

Ty: -Ceaser, Ronald, and Simon.

Skye:Wait, you're not  a girl!

Simon: I don't have to be a girl, so take that!

Skye:* attacks Simon*

Simon: * screams like a girl* 

Chase: Yeah! Get 'em, Skye!

Simon: Ow!* goes to the hospital*

Ty: He was a  weakling. But, call in backup!

All: Huh?

Voice#8: Here, Ty.

Ty: Good Saraha.

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