Characters Edit

PAW Patrol (in their view for some parts)

Lyane ( It's told from her view)


(I don't know I may add some other pups)

Story Edit

I stool their just looking at my feet another boring day *yaaaawwwwn. I am so bored I spin around in my swivel chair. My ears perk up a customer! I fun to the front desk "Hi may I help you" I say. "Yes, May I buy that hair clip" they say "Ummm Yesh Cash or Credit" I say "Credit" they say I swipe the card and say goodbye or whatever. I go over and pour me a glass of coke. I go to the front desk again I start playing with the clips thought once I clipped one in I saw a world Of horsey thingys. My friend Lily walks in. "You GOTS to try this clip on" I say She tries it on she looks at me like I got a lose screw or something.

To be continued

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