Summary Edit

When the PAW Patrol travels to Oklahoma, everything seems fine until three days after their arrival. A violent outbreak of tornadoes sweeps across the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama, a new human PAW Patrol member named Brian is into weather and decides to chase the storms to figure out why the outbreak got so bad only to realize his family is caught in a tornado in Ypsilanti, Michigan durring Day 3 of the outbreak. Can Brian and the PAW Patrol rescue his family? Or will his family remain stranded?

Chapter 1 Edit

*2 days before departure: Adventure Bay, California*

I was in my trailer looking at computer models worried sick. It appeared that in 5 days, a tornado outbreak would start and hit Oklahoma and eventually hit Michigan. I was still looking at my computer when I got a knock at the door. "Rocky, Miracle, is that both of you?" I asked. Miracle then responded "Yes, I just wanted to let you know were going to the pool. Wanna come?" I would be coming but I would be working on computer simulations on the potential outbreak to come. "Yes but I will be working on computer models while there but I will come." I answered.

*Meanwhile: Silverton, Oklahoma. Two days before PAW Patrol arrival*

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