Hey everypup! FlamingPup here! I figured I'd try a collection of shorts for PAW Patrol. This is my FIRST time doing this, so please don't be TOO rough!

Without further ado, I give you........

PAW Patrol Shorts!

SHORT #1: Rocky Takes A BathEdit

It was a quiet day in Adventure bay, until...

Rocky: Anything but BATH DAY!

Ryder: I know you're afraid of the water, but we need to make sure you haven't contracted any fleas!

Rocky, *Sighs in defeat* Ok, let's go get it over with.

  • A few minutes later at the vet clinic:

Katie: Ready for your bath, Rocky?

Rocky: As ready as I'll ever be...

  • Katie picks Rocky up, and he whimpers as he's lowered into the tub

Rocky: Ewwwwwwww!

  • After a quick montage of Rocky getting bathed, Scrubbed, Blowdried, Rinsed, and Scratched..

Ryder: Good job Rocky!

Rocky: I guess I night've been a LITTLE dramatic!

Katie: But now, you healthy and clean!

Ryder: Remember, whenever it's your bath day, just Yelp for Help!

Rocky: *Laughs* I will

  • Ryder and Rocky hug


SHORT #2: Skye's PrankEdit

It was a lovely summer day in Adventure Bay, and the PAW Patrol was playing at the Pup-Park, when Skye suddenly had an idea

Skye: I know! I'll pull a prank on one of the other pups! *Chuckles* Now which one...

  • Looks through her telescopic goggles. No, not Chase. Rocky is too far away. Already pranked Marshall. Aha! I got my target. *She giggles, and walks up to Zuma*

Skye: Hey Zuma.

Zuma: Hi Skye.

Skye: Wanna play Pup Pup Boogie 2?

Zuma: Now? sure, I guess...

Skye: Meet'ya there!

Zuma:Not If i get thewe first!

  • They start running, but Skye stops without Zuma noticing

Zuma: I'm gonna beat you Skye! Skye? Hm, something seems fishy...

  • Zuma runs through the automatic door, only to trip a wire

Zuma: What the-

  • 2 Water Balloon Launchers aim at Zuma

Zuma: Uh-oh...

  • They fire, causing Zuma to get totally soaked. Then, Skye runs up

Skye: Pranked you!

Zuma: Oh, vewy clever Skye

  • They both laugh


SHORT #3: Traffic JamEdit

A crisp fall day in Adventure bay, the perfect day to relax and-

Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!


All pups: Let's Go!

  • They rush towards the Lookout

Marshall: I'm gonna be first!

Rocky: Not if I'm first!

  • Rocky leaps for the elevator door, as do Zuma, Marshall, Chase, and Skye

Rocky: Ha-ha! Woah!

Zuma: Oh no!

Marshall: Uh oh!

Chase: Oh boy!

Skye: Oh dear!

  • They all get wedged in the doors of the elevator

Zuma: Rugh. Pups, we got another case of the wedgies!

  • They all laugh

Rubble: Another Traffic Jam? No problem! I'll clear it for you!

Other 5: Rubble wait!

Rubble: Rubble on the double! Arorowowo!

  • He crashes into them, and they all fall into the elevator.

Marshall: Told you I'd be first!

  • They all laugh


Trivia Edit

  • The title of the short "Rocky Takes A Bath" is a reference to the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Gary Takes A Bath", .Because the plot is similar (Both characters take bathes, but resist at first, although Rocky doesn't resist as much as Gary.)
  • Also, Skye and Zuma are very competitive (Watch Pups Pit Crew or Pups Fall Festival and you'll know what i'm talking about), so that's why she decides to prank him.
  • Skye already Pranked Marshall (Coming in a future volume).
  • All the pups (Except Marshall) got stuck in the doors of the elevator in one episode. (Forgot which one)

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